Welcome to the Department of Agriculture at Dhawalagiri Technical School.

The department is committed to supporting the mission of DTS to develop leaders of distinction in agriculture and veterinary affairs. It does this through excellence in classroom instruction, by motivating trainees to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies sought by employers. The
department offers two pre-diploma programs i.e. Agriculture (Plant Science) and LP/AH. Over the past two decades we have established a proud record of producing graduates who have distinguished themselves as successful entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, social workers, administrators and extension workers contributing to the growth and modernization of agriculture.
Agriculture department has an energetic and highly-motivated complement of friendly staff with a wide range of expertise and research interests. We offer an exciting and enriching experience for both students and staff as they work together to achieve our training and educational goals while fostering their individual development. We have strong links with several institutions and organizations that collaborate with us to conduct research and deliver quality education to our trainees through guest lectures, field trips and attachments. Field trips and attachments not only provide trainees with valuable practical exposure that enhances their learning and social skills, but also add some fun and adventure to make the school experience wholesome and enjoyable. So, if you are contemplating an agriculture-related career consider the Department of Agriculture at the Dhawalagiri Technical School. Come and be part of our team of enthusiastic students and staff who are excited about taking national and regional agriculture to the next level.

With Best Regards,

Pradip Gautam

Head Of Department, Agriculture