This curriculum is based on the job required to be performed by a livestock sector in Nepal. It especially provides the knowledge and skill 

focusing on Livestock Production and Management, Poultry Production, Dairy Science, Animal Nutrition, Animal health as provisioned by the government of Nepal. It also deals with Extension and Communication and Entrepreneurship skills for to start their own business.

Course Objective:

After completing this curricular program, the students will be able:

  • to keep livestock, poultry, fish as their own enterprise or they can go for job to the government, semi government, private or public sector
  • to explain sign and symptoms as well as preventive measures of common diseases of kept animals
  • to produce hygienic milk, meat and other production from livestock, poultry and fish
  • to cultivate fodder and grass for livestock
  • to develop scheme for livestock enterprise
  • to run livestock farm as a assistant

Entry criteria:

Individuals with following criteria will be eligible for this program:

  • SLC with any grade and any GPA (Since 2072 SLC).
  • SLC appeared (Before 2072 SLC)
  • Pass entrance examination administered by CTEVT

Course Duration:

This course will be completed within 18 months (40 hrs/week X 39 weeks a year = 1560 hrs.) class plus 6 months (40 hrs/week X 24 weeks = 960 hrs. on the job training (OJT).

Program Modul:

S.N Subjects
1.  Extension and Community Development
2. Entrepreneurship Development
3. Animal Health I
4. Animal Health II
5. Livestock Production and Management, I
6. Livestock Production and Management II
7. Animal Nutrition and Fodder production
8. Dairy and dairy product
9 On -the -Job Training (OJT)-6 Months

Medium of instruction:

Medium of instruction shall be in English and Nepali.


  • 40 Students

Fee Structure

  • Rs. 9000/-
  • Refundable: 1000/-