• To fulfill the entry level requirement for admission , candidates must have meet program wise aggregate division and should pass the entrance examination conducted by CTEVT.


  • One hour entrance examination will be held for comprehensive paper(English, Math, Science and Health) for TSLC Level. The questions will be of multiple choices. Candidates must pass the entrance examination and the selection will be based on the merit list in descending order.


  • Afiliated seats to CTEVT from the merit list of entrance examination will get the opportunity to get admitted to Dhawalagiri Technical School. Alternate candidates in the merit list will be given the opportunity if any of the main candidates fails to admit.


  • Ashad-Shrawan : Entrance Date for New Trainees
  • As Scheduled by CTEVT: Trainees Selection Criteria
  • Must passed Entrance Test (Written): New Session Start Date
  • As scheduled by CTEVT

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