Dear Prospective Learners and Students,

I am extremely delighted to offer my warm welcome to all prospective students who want to grab an opportunity and to pursue their education and training in Culinary Arts and Hotel Management in Dhawalagiri Technical School, a booming technical school of hospitality management in Lete, Mustang, which provides skilled human manpower and potential hospitality leader in the future.

Since its establishment in 1997 A.D the School has been providing the students with quality education along with professional skills needed in the hospitality industry.

In the academic sector of hospitality, Dhawalagiri Technical School launched 18 months pre-diploma in Culinary Arts (cooking) and 18 months pre-diploma in Hotel Management. And in terms of vocational sector we offer 1 to 26 weeks short term (mobile base) training programs as being a school of hospitality. As it is the practical based program, student gets enough exposure for improving their skills inside the school lab and own hotel and restaurant to provide real experience to the students and trainees during their study and training as well as in the industries. We have a highly qualified team of hospitality instructors to teach various subjects relating to our courses both practical and theory.

In this regard, DTS assures you all that after having the academic certificate you will always get a chance to upgrade to your study and stand in the front of line as the well leader in the hospitality industry in the market.

Once again, I would take an opportunity of welcoming you and look forward to seeing you in our hospitality school and being a part of our family.

Thank you

Jaya Prakash Gurung

Head of the Department, Tourism